ELearning Authoring Tools

What is an ELearning authoring tool? An ELearning authoring tool is a program used to create an ELearning course.  There are many different authoring tools available as stand alone tools or within an LMS.  For more information on LMSs, click here. Different authoring tools have different capabilities and, obviously, different costs.  The most popular authoring

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The “Lack of Training” Excuse

I am watching news of the Victorian Covid outbreak and once again, I hear “lack of training” appearing as an excuse. Now, I don’t have one second of training in how to manage returning overseas travelers in quarantine.  But, even with no training, I am absolutely sure that engaging in sexual relations with the quarantine

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What is SCORM in elearning?

If you have dealt with eLearning, you may have come across the word SCORM.  But what is SCORM? SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model.  Now, in case you are still reading, I’ll try and explain it as simply as possible. SCORM is a set of technical standards for eLearning that basically tell an

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What is a Learning Management System?

Like all industries, there are many words and definitions used in the training industry that people outside the industry may not understand.  One of them is a Learning Management System (often called an LMS). An LMS is simply a way of storing training records so that you know who has completed which training.  A simple

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When should you do refresher training?

Aaahhhh, those words that can bring grown men and women to their knees groaning in agony – “Time for your annual refresher training”. But when should you do refresher training?  Here is a list of 5 times that you should. When a process has changed.  It is still the same process but steps have been

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Assessment question mark

Assessments in Elearning

Assessments in elearning are quick and easy as they only have to be set up once and, as long as they are running off an LMS (Learning Management System), the results are automatically recorded and reported.  One question we often get from new clients is “What type of assessments can I have in an elearning

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Is face to face training finished?

As the Covid-19 Pandemic pulls and stretches the seams of the social fabric that binds us together as a society, as a nationality and as one humanity, H.G. Wells famous quote “Adapt or Perish” has never been as relevant. And, like all industries, the training industry has made adaptations to try and stay alive. Unless

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Five Common Induction Training Mistakes

Induction training is the new employee’s first impression of an organisation and sets the tone for their future working experience. Great inductions inform and engage employees so they are work ready and excited about working for the company from the first day. Bad inductions can leave new employees confused and disappointed and in some cases,

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Is An Expat Assignment For You?

Does the idea of an expat assignment conjure up images of sipping gin and tonic in tropical surrounds with a slight breeze blowing and Michael Buble playing softly in the background while waiters and other house staff cater to your every need? Or are you more inclined to have visions of fighting your way through

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The Dingo’s Got My iPad

One of the main concerns of our clients with using iPads or tablets in the field is the risk of damage to the devices. While there is not much that will save an iPad (or anything else) if it is run over by a haul truck or loader, a good cover and taking reasonable care

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Training – Simple Made Complicated

Have you ever suffered, I mean sat, through a 5-day induction of powerpoint and the occasional video. If you were lucky, the instructor was a smoker so there a lot of breaks. I have sat through a couple of them and I cannot recall one important piece of information, because there was too much information.

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Training In A Boom Bust Industry

Every industry goes through ups and downs but some are more volatile and subject to external forces than others. And when the good times end, you can be sure that the Training Department will shrink more quickly than the awesome $100 shirt that you bought and accidentally put on a high heat cycle in the

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You Can’t Train Stupid

I can’t drive a truck. Well, that’s not exactly right. It’s probably more accurate to say that I can drive a truck into positions that are not supposed to be possible. I have managed to reverse a truck so that the back wheels go so far up a wall that the tray tips over. Or

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Technology In Training – The Good, The Bad And The Utterly Pointless

Augmented reality, virtual reality, apps, simulators, online learning, mobile learning, animations. The list goes on. And on and on if you look hard enough. But do these new fangled processes really add value to training? Remember when powerpoint first appeared. As soon as we discovered animations, those presentations were filled with so many shiny new

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Looking For An Elearning Developer? Things To Know.

So you have decided that you want to get some elearning developed. You look online and find 3 elearning developers and send out for 3 quotes. And then you get 3 wildly different prices back or a heap of questions that you don’t understand. What’s going on? COST DIFFERENCES The cost of elearning development varies

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