Three top tips for using animation or video on social media

3 Top Tips for using animation on Social Media

If you are using animation or videos on social media, there are 3 things you should know.

1. Dimensions – It helps your animation or video display correctly if you have the right dimensions, Check with the channel you are using but Facebook recommends 1200 x 720 p (pixels) while instagram recommends 1920 x 1080p, 1080 x 1350p or 1080 x 1080p
2. Length – Generally, for an advertisement, the maximum recommended length is 15 seconds. If you are using an explainer video, this may have to be longer but keep it as short and simple as possible.
3. File size – Again, check with the channel you are using but Facebook and Instagram maximum size is 4GB. There are compression tools available online if you need them to reduce the size of larger videos.

Keep these in mind when you are posting and it will make life a lot easier and your animations or videos much more effective.

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