Are you training or ticking boxes?

We see so much “training” material come past us that is, to be brutally honest, completely useless. It might tick a compliance box, but the learner gets nothing out of it. The main culprits here are courses that are way too long, courses that contain too much information on different topics, big unnecessary words (especially legal or technical words) and courses that are poorly designed or not designed at all.

Even if you have no understanding of learning principles, a really simple test is to actually look at the content that you are creating and put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Then ask the question – would I actually learn anything from this? If you find it difficult to relate to your audience, try asking them. And if the answer is that all they are doing is staring at a screen and clicking through the course…start again.

Don’t waste everyone’s time for the sake of a box ticking exercise. That’s just insulting and pointless.

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