What is the process for having an animation developed?

Are you thinking of having an animation developed for your website or socials but don’t quite know how it works. It’s actually pretty simple. Here are the steps.

Firstly, we sit down with you (usually virtually) and have a chat. You tell us what you are thinking and provide us with anything you might already have. Sometimes, you might have a script or some images, but sometimes it’s just an idea.

Then, we develop a storyboard and quote for you. A storyboard is a step by step journey through the animation that includes the script (if you are having a voiceover) and steps for the animation.

You then decide whether to go ahead and approve the storyboard after you have made any changes you need.

Then, if we are developing a specific character or characters, we will send the still image of that character to you for approval.

Then, we send you the draft animation. You can approve or request changes.

Finally, if a voiceover is required, we do that last and then adjust any timings.

And that’s it. The animation is complete, you approve it and you can then post or embed it wherever you like.

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