How to use power point in training?

How can you best use power point in training? The answer is sparingly.

Power point is often used in a face to face classroom situation for training with a trainer, or instructor, at the front of the class. Always remember that power point should be used as a tool, not as a focus. Power point can be used to display pictures, graphs and diagrams to illustrate a point. And short summary dot points can be used to keep the instructor on track and reinforce the main topics.

But less text is always more with power point. You should never, ever be reading off a power point presentation. And the learners attention should be on the instructor, not the screen. So, just remember that the powerpoint assists the instructor, not the other way around, keep text to a minimum, don’t use distracting animations, ask questions and take regular breaks. This will keep your face to face training more engaging and give the learners the best chance to absorb the information.

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