What should be in an induction?

Inductions are used to familiarise people with the new rules and procedures for their workplace. An important thing to remember about inductions is that the learners are often completely new to the material. So, if you overwhelm them with masses of information, they won’t learn any of it.

Inductions should be engaging and avoid the temptation to put in a lot of detail. The only information that needs to be in an induction is information that the learner needs to start work on Day One. It should be enough to keep them safe.

Let’s use an example. If the new workplace has snakes, you would show a picture of a snake and say “Stay away from snakes. If you get bitten, call the emergency number for help.” You would not go into detail about what types of snakes, which ones are venomous, which treatments are given for which snakes and the process to be followed if you need to be evacuated. They won’t remember it and the risk is that they won’t remember the most important parts which are – Stay away from snakes. If you get bitten, call for help”

In an induction, less is more. Do yourself and your learner’s a favour and keep it simple!

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