What is SCORM in elearning?


If you have dealt with eLearning, you may have come across the word SCORM.  But what is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model.  Now, in case you are still reading, I’ll try and explain it as simply as possible.

SCORM is a set of technical standards for eLearning that basically tell an eLearning course how to communicate with an LMS.  If you want more information on what an LMS is, check out our article here.

A SCORM file is actually a zip file that contains all of the assets, or materials, that you use in the eLearning course, such as audio files, pictures and text.  SCORM organises the file in such a way that the LMS knows how to read it so that it runs correctly and communicates information such as any assessment scores or other completion information.

Most LMSs run SCORM files and most programs that create eLearning will publish SCORM files.  Think of it like a DVD movie.  It doesn’t matter who published the movie or what model of DVD player you have, the DVD is published according to standards that ensure that it will play on any DVD player.

So that, in a really simple form, is what a SCORM file is.  If you need more information or advice on eLearning options, feel free to reach out to us at any time.


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