What is risk assessment?

Risk Assessment is a really easy process that everyone does every day without even thinking about it.  It is simply a process of identifying the hazard, assessing the risk, putting control measures in place if required and then ensuring the risk is at an acceptable level.  Take crossing the road for example.  You stand at the side of the road and look at the traffic.  The traffic is the risk.  If there is enough space between traffic to cross safely, then you cross the road.  If not, you might put a control measure in place.  One control measure might simple be to wait for a break in the traffic.  Or, if it is a really busy road, you might find a crosswalk.  That’s it.  You have implemented a control measure until there is an acceptable level of risk.

In business, we formalise risk assessments to keep records.  If you need some free risk assessment templates to help formalise your risk assessment, just use this link.  There is also a link on the page to a basic risk assessment course if you would like a little more help.

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