What is elearning?

In a very broad sense, elearning is learning that is delivered electronically.  This can include webinars, videos (played through YouTube or similar sites), or even documents that can be transferred electronically.

The elearning that we develop is a little more specific.  Our elearning courses are developed by elearning programs (often called authoring tools) and run on LMSs (Learning Management Systems).  The courses are basically slides that the learner navigates through by selecting the navigation tools. The slides can contain text, pictures, audio, videos, animations or any other combination of these.  They can also contain assessments.  The LMS runs the course and also records learner interactions such as course completion and assessment results.

That is the really simple description of the elearning that we develop but if you have any questions or would like to see a demo, please get in touch.

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