What are development pathways?

If your business has a number of positions, you might find development pathways to be helpful. Development pathways are simply a “map” of how your team can move from one position to another.

There are a few really simple steps to set up these pathways.

  1. For each position, determine what training and qualifications are required. This might include licenses, formal qualifications and in-house or external training.
  2. Work out the order of each position – what are the entry level positions and positions could someone be promoted too
  3. Now, you have a pathway for people to follow. If they want to move from one position to another, they know what they need to get there.

Obviously, this doesn’t work for all positions and a position has to be open for someone to move into it. But if you have these pathways in place, you can work out how to effectively upskill your employees and your employees can take pro-active steps in their own development. Using development pathways is one of the best retention tools available. And it’s completely free to develop them.

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