Convert existing material to online course
We will take your existing powerpoint or document and convert it to an
online format called a SCORM file that will run on an LMS and record
completions. This includes an AI generated voiceover and all text will be
timed to appear with audio. We will also limit the navigation so that users
cannot fast forward through the course to ensure that they view all


LMS (Learning Management System)
We will set up an account for your company on a cloud based LMS
including your company’s name, logo and an admin account. The account
that we will set us is free for up to 5 users and users can be removed and
added at any time (if you want to stay on the free version). Alternatively,
for larger companies that want more users (or don’t want to have to juggle
users), options are 69USD per month for up to 40 users or 149USD per
month for up to 100 users. Please note that this is an external LMS that
we are not affiliated with. We have identified it as the easiest to use and
best value for small to medium businesses, but we do not receive any
benefits from it.


Upload Course
We will upload your course to the LMS and check it and set up all settings


Certificate Creation
We will develop a certificate (with your company logo and colours) that will
be automatically emailed to all users on completion of the course. We will
also set up a function to email the completion certificate to the admin
email so that it can be filed as a record of completion.


Training Tutorials
We will provide video tutorials for adding, deleting and managing users and
any other functions that you might require.


Set up of LMS and training videos $500
Conversion of course (including audio), set up of certificate and upload to LMS $30 per slide.

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