Using animation in elearning courses

Using animation in your elearning courses can increase the overall appeal of your course and make it more engaging for learners. The primary benefit of animation is that it simplifies complex concepts. Most people find it hard to understand complicated concepts with just words and live action videos. An animated gif can help them grasp the subject matter much more easily. Examples of these animated gifs include the inner workings of a human body, large-scale geographical processes, or the evolution of humans. 

While there are no specific guidelines on the use of animation in eLearning, incorporating it in your courses is likely to boost learning and engagement. Animated content can also help to create a more immersive online training experience and make it easier for the learners to visualize the change in a specific environment. Used correctly, animations can help people learn faster and retain the information longer.  

Animation is not appropriate for every course but the benefits of animated video used in the right way in eLearning courses are numerous. 

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