Three rules for writing training materials

1. Use simple language. If there is a choice between two words, choose the simpler one. If your learner is confused by the language, they will not absorb the content. To test your content, have a learner review it first.

2. Avoid acronyms and buzzwords. Carefully read your content and check for acronyms and buzzwords that might not be understood by the learner. When we use words every day at work, it can be easy to forget that others don’t know what these words mean. or they may have a completely different meaning for people from other industries.

3. Less is more. Short sentences are more effective than longer sentences as they allow the learner to concentrate on the content. Delivery of the content in smaller “chunks” is more easily absorbed and retained.

All of these rules have one thing in common. When you are putting together training materials, you should always consider your audience. Wherever possible, have the content reviewed by someone who has the same background as your learners and always use the KISS principle to make training more effective.

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