The future of elearning

The future of learning is bright. With the advancement of technology, students will no longer be restricted to classroom courses and will have access to content from across continents. They can also “chunk” learning to learn at their own pace. Traditional blackboard teaching methods will largely be replaced by digital technology. A new paradigm for online learning is bringing about changes in the way people learn and teach.  

Increasingly mobile devices will dominate the way people consume eLearning content. Today, people rely on smartphones more than PCs. This trend is only going to continue to accelerate as smartphones get better and 4G and 5G connections become more widespread. Tablets will become hybrid PCs and phones that will make learning more convenient. 

The future of education will be shaped by the need for education in developing nations. As a result, more of these countries will start adopting eLearning courses for employee training.  With a global population of billions without PCs, this shift to virtual learning will continue.  

Elearning is not applicable for all training, but when used correctly, it is a highly effective and efficient way of learning. 

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