Every course is different.  Different content, different audience and different length.  We have outlined three levels of course development to guide you in selection so that we can give you an accurate estimate that meets your needs and your budget.


 A cost effective solution for short courses, small audiences or temporary courses.

  • Text and pictures with no animations
  • Simple navigation
  • Simple assessment (if required)
  • No branching*
  • No interaction


A great option for most courses.  Our best seller.   

  • Text and pictures with animations
  • Standard navigation options
  • Range of assessment choices
  • Limited branching
  • Some interaction


When you need the best learning experience.  Suitable for large audiences and foundation courses or courses developed for sale.

  • Text and pictures animated for maximum effect
  • Gamification**
  • Learner takes individualised journey through the course
  • Extensive branching*
  • Extensive interaction

*Branching occurs when there is more than one option to select and each option leads to a different slide.

**Gamification is using games as an assessment (For example, if the learner gets the question right, they collect a token which gives them a clue towards a final game).


Computer or professional voiceovers with associated timings can be added to any level of elearning.


Custom pictures, diagrams and cartoons can be developed and added to any level of elearning.  A large range of stock pictures can also be sourced where required.

Videos and video editing

We can arrange for professional video recording where required and we also provide video editing services.


Development of custom animations.

Elearning support

For ongoing support, assistance and changes to existing content, we can arrange an elearning support contract to ensure that you receive priority assistance.

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