Restricting navigation on elearning.

What does it mean to restrict navigation on elearning?

In elearning courses, there are usually buttons that allow you to go backwards and forwards through the slides and to pause and restart slides.

These buttons can be restricted so they can only be used at certain times. You might do this if you wanted a learner to listen to the complete audio on a slide before they proceeded. Or, if you didn’t want then to be able to go back and get information from a slide to answer an assessment question.
If you don’t restrict the navigation, you can’t be sure that the learner has let all slides run and been given all information. On the other hand, if the learner already knows the content, making them sit through the whole thing can disengage them.

An experienced e-learning develop can set up a course so that the learner has to view all content the first time, then has free access if they view it again.

It’s completely up to you whether you want your course to have free or restricted navigation (or a combination). Talk to your elearning developer to discuss which option is best for your course.

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