Learning Styles in Elearning

People learn in different ways. Put simply, there are three main learning styles: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Most people are predominantly visual learners which means they learn best by seeing. So words or pictures are best. Some people are predominantly auditory which means they learn best by hearing – spoken words or sounds. And some people are predominantly kinaesthetic. This means they learn best by feeling – touching or sensing.

In elearning, it is important to cater for all styles. To cater for visual learners, we use words and pictures. To cater for the auditory learners, we use voiceovers and sounds where appropriate. Kinaesthetic learners are the most difficult to cater for with elearning so we try to use words that describe “feel” where possible. For example, when opening the valve, feel the resistance.

Everyone has a different combination of the learning styles so it is important to try and cater for all types wherever possible.

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