How has the pandemic changed elearning?

The pandemic has had many effects on the use of online forums for learning, meetings, shopping and even social events. Most people have now experienced online learning in one form or another. Online learning can be classes conducted through videoconferencing such as Zoom or Teams, structured elearning courses with or without assessment or electronic documents such as manuals or job aids downloaded from online.

But one disadvantage of the pandemic is that there has been a massive amount of really bad elearning hitting the market. Many of these courses were thrown together hastily so that a course could still be run during lockdowns or restrictions so it is understandable that planning was a little light on. However, many of the courses were poorly designed, poorly developed and in some cases, not even appropriate for the elearning format. So the learner has been bombarded with many boring, ineffective courses that feel like a total waste of time (because they are). No wonder that the mention of learning can often draw yawns and rolling eyes from an audience.

Hopefully, as we move forward, the development of elearning can be more measured and considered and the overall quality of courses will improve and once again be a great option for appropriate courses.

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