How can you make learners pay attention in an elearning course?

The short answer is that you can’t.  Like any form of training, adults will really only pay attention if there is something in it for them.  But there are a few simple ways that you can make it more likely they will pay attention (assuming they are interested in the first place).

  1. Keep elearning courses short. Less than 15 minutes if you can.  If you have larger courses, break them up.
  2. Use different methods. You can use video, animations, pictures and other types of assets to keep the learner interested.  Under no circumstances should you show a series of slides with writing only. 
  3. Make them engage. Give them things to do but don’t make it a button clicking exercise.  Make the interactions engaging.  Click on parts of a map to see information or types of products to see what they do.

There are lots of ways you can keep a learner’s attention but it does take some effort and practice to develop good courses.  Feel free to reach out to us if you want any advice or to see some examples.

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