ELearning Authoring Tools

What is an ELearning authoring tool?

An ELearning authoring tool is a program used to create an ELearning course.  There are many different authoring tools available as stand alone tools or within an LMS.  For more information on LMSs, click here.

Different authoring tools have different capabilities and, obviously, different costs.  The most popular authoring tools on the market currently include Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Lectora.  Different authoring tools are better for different applications.  For example, Captivate is great for creating courses on using computer programs or apps while Storyline is easier for more basic users who have a good understanding of PowerPoint.

There is a range in price for authoring tools.  For example, storyline runs around $1,000USD a year while Captivate is available as a monthly subscription for around $50AUD per month.  And many have a free trial period.  But be aware that, in some cases, any courses created during the trial period will expire when the trial ends, unless you buy the full version.  To see a comparison of ten of the top authoring tools, click here.

Most authoring tools produce SCORM or xAPI files which will run in most LMSs.  So, when choosing an authoring tool, things to look at are cost, functionality and what level of complexity you require.  If you would like more information on creating ELearning using an authoring tool, sign up for our FREE 45 minute webinar here and we will guide you through it.

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