Do I need to use an RTO for my training?

As with many questions, the answer to this question is “It depends.”

If you are awarding a Nationally recognised qualification, or a part of a Nationally recognised qualification, then yes. These can only be awarded by RTOs (Recognised Training Organisations). Examples of these are qualifications for electricians, hairdressers and funeral directors. Some occupations require nationally recognised qualifications. But many do not.

For example, in mining, operators generally do not require Nationally recognised qualification (although they are available). But they do require them for high risk tasks such as dogging and rigging or working from heights.

It is a much more complex issue than it seems but if you are not sure, find out whether you need a Nationally recognised qualification and if you don’t need it but there is one available (this applies in a lot of situations), do a little research and find out whether it adds value or not.

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