Can you use elearning for task training?

The short answer is no. You should not be using elearning to train someone how to do a physical task such as driving a truck or operating a piece of equipment. You should be using the tell, show, do principle. But you can use elearning to give them some background theory if you follow it up with practical instruction. But make sure that it is relevant information.

For example, telling a new truck driver, the gross and net power of the machine and the engine displacement will not help them to operate the machine more safely or effectively. If they are interested, they can read the spec sheet or ask a fitter. But if they are not interested, you have just lost their attention and chances are that they won’t absorb much of the more critical information that follows.

Think of task training as getting a car license. The first step is the theory and road rules, then a brief assessment before practical training starts. The initial theory and road rules can be delivered by elearning but always make sure that it is relevant and engaging. Otherwise, it is a complete waste of time.

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