Can you have videos in Elearning courses?

Yes, you absolutely can.  You can also choose whether they auto play or not and set up the course so that the learner is required to watch them, or not.

Should you have videos in Elearning courses is another question.  Here are a couple of basic points to consider.

Videos are fantastic training tools to demonstrate a task.  Short of actually being physically present and watching someone perform the task or using VR, they are the next best option.  And they can be edited to have the steps of the task written on the screen as parts of the tasks highlighted for extra impact.

They can also be visually extremely effective,  Animations (which are videos) are great for illustrating points in an effective and engaging manner.  And if you need a message from your CEO or another leader, videos are great when they are professionally produced. 

The big problem with videos is their size.  Compared to pictures and text, they are massive.  This may not be a problem if you have awesome internet all the time but if you have bandwidth issues or other connectivity problems, large elearning files can cause problems.

The other issue with video is that it can become quickly out of date.  People change jobs, the workplace changes and suddenly your great on boarding video with the old CEO speaking and wonderful views of your site just after construction are no longer relevant.

So, a few quick tips for using video in elearning:

  1. Always compress all videos before imported them into the course
  2. Avoid unnecessary videos
  3. Always get a person’s permission before using them in a video
  4. If you are using a video of a CEO or other leader speaker, invest in a professional video production. There is nothing worse than seeing an awkward leader stumble through an introduction to a new company.
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