Can you do diversity training online?

Yes and no. Online diversity training can show the learner legislation, company policies and procedures, definitions, history and case studies. But it is no substitute for an open and honest conversation about diversity that includes discussion of bullying and harassment.

The online training component is a great way to get your team up to date with all the unambiguous aspects of diversity, but many issues around diversity are a little greyer and may be unique for your organisation, and the individuals in the organisation. And good communication is the number one way to address diversity issues and avoid them escalating.

So, if you do an online course, follow it with a conversation. There are a number of great professional facilitators if you need them. Or, if that is not suitable for you, just start by asking if anyone has any questions or concerns about the course in a group format. Encourage people to share their stories appropriately. You might even be surprised by how much you can all learn from each other.

But no matter what you do, do something. The mental health impacts of not addressing these issues can be crippling for individuals and for businesses. And mostly, can be avoided with the right training and the right leadership.

If you would like to view a demo of our diversity course, you can access it at

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