Assessments in Elearning

Most elearning programs allow you to create assessment questions. 

There are a number of types of questions you can use including:

  • Multiple choice
  • True / false
  • Multiple response (select more than one correct answer)
  • Matching (match the correct answer to the correct definition or phrase)
  • Sequence (put the answers in the correct order), and
  • Hot spot (click on the correct part of the picture)

Some elearning programs also allow short answer and essay questions. 

For short answer questions, you need to be aware that if the trainee makes a spelling mistake, the answer will be marked wrong.  You can enter a number of correct answers, for example if the answer is the number “1”, you could enter “1”, “One” and even “Won” as correct answers but it is difficult to predict spelling mistakes that he learner will make.

With essay questions, the elearning program will not be able to mark them so they will still need to be manually assessed once the learner has submitted them.

As with any assessment, it is critically important to determine what outcomes you want from the assessment and design the questions, and the type of questions, around these objectives.

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