3 Things to Ask Before Adding Extra Content

We often get requests to add extra content to existing courses.  Sometimes, it makes complete sense to add the new information but sometimes, not so much.

Here are 3 quick questions to ask yourself before adding extra content to an existing course.

  1. Does it fit with the current content? If it adding extra information to a topic that is already covered in the course, that is usually fine. But if it is a different topic to anything in the course, it is likely to just confuse the learner and make the course seem disjointed.
  2. How much length does it add to the course? Current guidelines for elearning suggest the maximum course length should be 15 minutes. After that, the learners retention drops off a cliff. So, if you are adding 10 minutes of content to a 10 minute course, you are better off creating a new course.
  3. Should the content be in an elearning format? This is a question you should ask before creating any course, as well as before adding content. Elearning is a great way of delivering appropriate content but should not be used where you need a high level of interaction from the learner.

So, before adding any content, just check through these three questions to decide on the best approach.

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